Snoop Dogg Makes Surprise Drive Thru Appearance

Published on November 7, 2021

Over a busy weekend, fans of rapper Snoop Dogg had the chance not only to meet their beloved star, but also to be served up some food by him. He made a surprise appearance at a Dallas, Texas Raising Cane’s location.

Snoop Dogg Working The Drive Thru

Snoop Dogg Working The Drive Thru

Of course, this was no regular meet and greet. Snoop Dogg’s appearance caused the lined to snake around the building. Fans lined up to meet the Doggfather and get their order of chicken fingers. As soon as the news was posted on TikTok, word spread like wildfire that he was there.

Raising Cane’s Founder & CEO Todd Graves shared: “Snoop is a huge Caniac and a good friend, so it’s always fun to work together. This was part of our new Drive-Thru Comedy Series and a unique way for Snoop to promote his new album. We have a lot more fun surprises up our sleeves, so be sure to keep an eye out in the drive-thru. You never know who could be serving up our ONE LOVE® next!”

Working At Raising Canes

Working At Raising Cane’s

He also stopped by a Fayetteville location of Cane’s a week before. Snoop joined Shaquille O’Neal on a virtual graduation party got high school and college seniors around the nation during the lockdown that took place in 2020. Now, Snoop is paying it back through his appearances at Raising Cane’s.

Snoop Dogg shared: “Raising Cane’s partnered up for the release of my new album, Algorithm, so since I was near a Cane’s for a DJ gig last week, I decided to pop into a restaurant and see all the push and promotion behind my project.”

He continued: “Then I told the employees to take 10 so I could jump in the drive-thru for a while and let the fans know my album drops November 19th. The Cane’s Crew and city of Fayetteville, ARK were incredibly friendly as always. I had a great time … and definitely gonna do it again in the near future. Drop into a Cane’s and check it out. Next city don’t meet me there, beat me there ugot2doit.”

Snoop Dogg At Raising Cane's

Snoop Dogg At Raising Cane’s